Greetings from Macland

June 18, 2000

Stayed up way too late working on the Mac clone (PseudoMAC), Power Computing PowerWave 120, not a bad system but ever since I’ve installed MacOS 8.6 on it again, the cd will not show up. I can see it under system information but it will not mount my cd. This is not good. This machine will be my Linux system with Yellow Dog Linux. I figure why tie up another PC with this, when I have a Mac sitting around.

Got up in the “anti- people” mood around 11. Worked on the machine again…..nope. Figured I would just check some of the search engines and see if this problem appeared. Google, AltaVista, Excite doesn’t come up with a good answer. Drat. … Was going to go swimming, canceled, oh well, anti-people mode kicked in x2. Sat and did laundry, worked on MadCow, the PPro 200, and surfed the internet, ordered a cd caddy for my spare SCSI cd, I’ll try that in the machine next.. Decided to just hit the town, drink coffee, read something, and sit. Went to our new Denny’s 2k, no one was around, got a good table with vacuum noise, read the Sunday paper and ate a decent country fried steak. Drove around afterwards to find a location for my next project. Found two sites, one was a little further up the road, but still within reach. The 2nd one was in a popular place, but I’m not sure that a 2nd story place would be logical. Came home, did nothing….. Surfed some more, watched Fox. (W00h00) Called Niki and finished laundry.