If I Could Only Remember…

June 19, 2000

Woke up, and started the iron. Went back to sleep until the iron heated up (15 minutes). Typical morning ritual. Came in to work, discussed the departure of a staff member. Updated the intra and internet work sites. check email. I need to finalize a mailer today. Graphics are complete, just need to get final say from the administrator. Updated the PCs page so you can follow what PC I’m talking about.


Note to self “Apple-Option-Shift-Delete”. This is the code to make PseudoMAC boot to the cdrom. On a normal mac all I would have to hit would be “C”. Not on the fake mac. I think this might have been my problem. Found the exact problem I was looking for and the only way to correct it is with the cd tool kit. The way I read the problem is that it is an issue with OS 8.x. I’ll need to change the SCSI ID back to 3 from 2.