June 20, 2000

Got the cd to boot on PseudoMac. Used the CD Tool Kit and was able to see the cd in MacOS. Weird thing is that I was only able to do this the 1st time I booted after running the tool kit. Copied some files from the Yellow Dog cd and used BootX to boot into Linux Install. You can still use linux fdisk, but you need to know your partitions. I wound up blowing up the partitions and not being able to install a swap file. Crap. Added another drive to boot a small MacOS and to manage BootX, and partitioned it off to have 200mb of space for a linux swap.

I dislike MacOS’ parition utility. It is so much easier in Windows and most *nix. I didn’t have a 8.5 cd so I just used the 7.5 cd and made a minimal install. I can get to the partition point, but I cannot add a swap partition. I’m going to read up on this today. For people who don’t need to partition drives (non techies and geeks) the Mac is ok, but I’m a Windows person, a former *nix person, and web geek. When I get on a Mac I feel like I’m in Bizzaro World. I use Quark and Photoshop for ads, but I can function better on a PC. If you like the Mac, use it. If you like Windows, use it…and so on and on.