June 23, 2000

Friday always seems to be the worst day for deadlines. I had 2 paper deadlines and 1 TV for today and a whole set for our big event next week. I have one Monday and then I need to work on this Supertour event. I have a HP Laserjet 5000n, a beast of a printer. I moved the other day and the printer simply would not print under the Mac yesterday and both systems this morning. I rebooted the systems and the printer and everything seemed to go hunky-dory. I have this odd belief that a system needs to learn about how to work with a PC. I’ve had experiences where software would simply crap-out after working 15 minutes with it. But by the end of the week I had no problems. I think memory and swap files have a lot to do with that. I now believe that my printer needed to find a better route from it’s old drop to the new drop and the mini hub I have it attached to. Just for kicks I printed an ad out in Quark, it works. I printed out a test sheet in Win98 and it works. Uhhh. I’ve got my eye set on a domain to do my consulting work with, other than I’ve found a hosting service that will allow the resale of the space. I’ve figured up the yearly cost, but additional clients will knock that price down.