Working, New, and Expensive

June 25, 2000

Busy day. Got the Pseudo running on Linux. I could never get fdisk to setup a swap on a partition. Said to hell with it and installed OS 8.5 on the 200mb partition Saturday a.m and then rebooted to install Linux at about midnight on Sunday. Found some pages about installing using fdisk, but for some reason the yellow dog version doesn’t contain the “T” command. Found a site about the Apple Network Server, and used this comments about setting up a swap, something opposite what Yellow Dog had said. Damn……It works. Installed great, setup the ATI card on it’s own and installed KDE. Only one problem. I had setup a swap on the 500mb drive that also contains OS 8.5, YDL doesn’t see that. So now that I know how to set it up, I’m going to reformat the drive and divide it up into 2 partitions. Once I do that, I will have a new box.

Looked at apartments, found one I really like…’s a grand a month. Way too much for me, further from work and Niki, nice section of town and they have DSL. I could move to Georgia and live cheaper…..but I would have to share my space with early-20s neighbors who party and rednecks. I truly want to live in GA, but I am debating that right now. I can live in a one room apartment for about $350. I can afford more than that, but I also want to have a space so when I get hitched, we can live there until we find a house.

Looked at Mom’s new house. Nice, about 5 minutes from my work and on the same road as the apartment I might get and one Niki might get as well. I found the layout of the house I want….It’s 2 over from Mom’s. I could have a private office in the attic, Niki could have space…..We both loved it.

Went to a computer show and picked a microstar board for $12. It runs up to a 233 MMX. I have it in the other Cow case with a STB video card. Great setup, there were dip switched to set and one jumper. Great Board. It was going to be all SCSI, but the CD (a $5 purchase a year ago) doesn’t work. Decided to use the TEAC drive that I got from Niki’s brother and a 1gb drive that I got from a friend. I think the memory is bad, so I will swap with another system to see what i can do. I also picked up a cable to go from my sound card to the VCR. I have the video card routing there right now and I wanted to see if I could get the sound to work through the TV. Works…. I can watch TV and switch to the PC with sound at the touch of a button. It freed up a monitor for the new Linux box (this thing needs a new name).