June 27, 2000

Meetings Meetings. Not bad. Got the final info about the Friday event, planned out a new intranet page. Last night I worked a little bit on the new system. Still not good. Swapped memory and had problems. Will swap back to what it had and try to at least get 95 (.950 not 95a) on there. Discovered that the Apple USB keyboard and mouse will work under 98. I played around with it and it’s quite unique. I can use the apple key as the windows key. Might pick up an extra to take with me on trips for the laptop or for the systems at home. I have a wireless keyboard/track combo. Not bad, I wish I had something more like a IBM/Toshiba track point instead of having a mouse on the right-hand ride. Found a small, tiny IBM keyboard on eBay, but I like the wireless. I do miss not having a scroll mouse at home. I can’t do graphic work without it now. I’m looking at a Mac scroll mouse, I’m almost tired of the yo-yo mouse. Actually, I like them, but wish it had buttons. Ah, to be a Windows person in a Mac world.

Oh I forgot, I’m, moving. Mom is moving and I need to find someplace quick. I can now afford to live out, but the question is “Where?”. Originally I was going to housesit for about 6 months, but (funny enough) she called today saying that my services aren’t needed. I had a good idea that they weren’t, no hard feelings. I think I will find a place with DSL and really near the freeway. That knocks out 90% of the county. I can stay with Mom until I find a place. I’m going to leave my crap packed up, minus the TV, Bed, Clothes, MadCow, and my couch. Drum sets will need to be stored, computer equipment will need to be stored, Need money for deposits, and need to decide where my new place will be. I have a lot to think about in the next 5 days. I’m going to go ahead and move to Mom’s before she moves in. I can get her stuff powered on and I can setup fort until I move.