Today was more of a

July 13, 2000

Today was more of a work day….. Time to find billboards, make arrangements for TV agreements, and finish ads. On top of all of this, I’m still packing. I have found out the think I hate most about my laptop, heat. I did have a kiwi notebook that had a full sized AMD-K62-300 in it and that damn thing could press pants. My Gateway is a P3-350(?) and when I use it in the dock it heats up and freezes the machine at least once per day. On the kiwi I just put silicon paste on the chip and the “heat sync” that was on it. That solved my lockups. I need to mount my laptop to where there is better ventilation. I never had a problem with a Toshiba laptop or my old Compaq 486/80 that I had. We have a lot of Toshibas running around the facility and a small percentage of them are crap but a majority (about 100) are without problems and those with are due to batteries. My old Compaq had a dock and the only problem with it was a 3rd party hard drive upgrade. I think if I buy myself a machine it will definitely be a Toshiba.