Why can’t Hotmail block spammers?

July 14, 2000

Why can’t Hotmail block spammers? Dear God I cannot stand this……I have about 10 email accounts with 4 of them checked daily. Most have filters to block “indiatimes” or some other spammer, but these labeled “Unknown” just slip in. Why can’t Hotmail block all email with an “Unknown” sender? This is getting weak. I have an account at webmail.bellsouth.net and I receive nothing. No spam, nothing.

I’m debating about dropping my pay ISP. I’ve been very dependant on my Lycos account and I can connect faster. Plus, when I move, I’ll have access to Cable Modems (Hooray). The only reason I keep it is to host this page. Once I get my hosting situation out of the way, I will drop my ISP and go directly with Lycos.