Master of my Domain New House

July 20, 2000

I’ve been moving to my new house….I am so tired. I’m living there now as of last night and I will say that the neighborhood is quiet. All of my computers, drums, parts, clothing is over there. The only thing I have left is my bedroom furniture, desk, and everything else. No curtains, so I have to tack a towel up in the bathroom that is across from my new neighbors’ bedroom. I don’t think they would like to see my ass, neck, etc. in the morning.

I got my new cell phone, nice Nokia with email, voicemail, caller ID. The battery life on these things are tremendous. Vibrating Batters & new cover are arriving via UPS sometime this week.

Met with our one of the biggest companies we advertise with. Got a tour around the station and noticed that this is one of the perks of the job. I’m lucky that I work for a company that allows me to do this and at my age. I’ve worked here since I was 20 years old. In My old department, I was able to see the other side of the hospital. If something needed to be worked on in Surgery, I scrubbed up and went back there and fixed it. If most people could see what really goes on back there, then they would have more respect for hospitals.</soapbox>

Back on subject…..Did I mention that I hate moving?