From One Move to Another

August 1, 2000

I’m in the process of setting up a hosting service for this site and moving it from it’s current ISP to a lost cost hosting service. Why am I moving? Well I have been with my current ISP since January of 1995 and I am unsatisfied with the quality of the connection. I can connect to my Free ISP and get 53K but this one I can only connect as 28.8. It does this on every computer I use. Why should I spend $20 for a small amount of hosting when I can spend $10 and have web hosting without ads? I can use a free ISP where they have a small banner, but on a BIG monitor it doesn’t matter. This site will also be at

I am so sick of moving, it took me 2 weeks to completely out of my old house and into a new one and when I finished with that, I had to move my girlfriend to her new apartment. I am so glad that everyone moved. It’s better for everyone.