August 4, 2000

The TV spot went well, cameraman/producer was late and I had to juggle some times around. Got some great footage. How would I know it takes 2 hours to film 30 seconds. I have a photo shoot today and some meetings with some media reps. My (and maybe your) main question is ….why is a “Web Designer” going media? Most people do media and then get thrown into the web. That is the story of my life, I don’t exactly go from point a to point b. I might start at point c and point a is an added responsibility and right before I agree point b is added as well. I do love it, though.

Talked to my cable rep (ad rep) and he said that we are getting cable modems! but…..each node will have to be rebuilt before they can roll it out completely. I can wait.

I bought a new/old box today. It’s a HP with a 133 and 64mb of ram. This will become Niki’s new box with her old one going to grandma. Decided to go ahead and get this one and find an upgrade chip to go in. This will be a good box when it is complete. I can put 98se on it and she would be all set for a cable modem. I might put another HD in so I can play with Caldara. I also got (finally) my new battery for my Nokia so I can vibrate instead or ringing in public places.