August 7, 2000

Been working on an interface using DHTML as a menu item. Damn I need a break. Got it going with a minimum of understanding. Everything seems fine for a Monday. I know I have a lot to do this week with only a minimal amount of time to do it in. This is getting old. I really need to solve this problem I’ve had for a while.

Went swimming yesterday at Niki’s new apartment and really had a good time and some good Chinese food. Hung out with her sister and nephew, just had a good time. I’ve been looking at a few places to live and I want to see what my possibilities are about moving/raises/jobs in the next 30-60 days before I decide anything. I want somewhere to live that is 1.) quiet 2.) clean 3.) easy commute 4.)affordable 5.) amenities. I want a place I can swim and that will have cable modems/adsl within the next 6 months. If I was working in the downtown Chattanooga area, I would have cable modems within that timeline and DSL currently. If I live in E. Brainerd, DSL is there currently and Cable will be there within a year. I would love to move to Georgia, but neither of those things are available in the counties I would live in and the commute to Niki’s wouldn’t be good, however I would be 5-10 minutes from my work. I have my eye set on housing in each of those areas, but the certain things are preventing me from making a decision. This will unfold shortly.