Corrupted Bits and King Cotton

August 8, 2000

Went home yesterday and decided to try Caldera on the P200 box. Love the graphical install, much better using LIZARD than the normal install. Well everytime I tried, it kept dying when I had to enter the root password. Tried a few times and got nothing. Decided to try every version of Windows I has, 95b, 98, NT 4 and none of those worked. The last time I tried 98 it said I had some directory problems. Looked, and the drive was corrupt. Dammit, the drive (1.2gb Bigfoot) was causing me problems. I had problems for years using these drives. Put in a 420mb Conner to see if it would install and yes virginia it would. Could only get a minimal install of Caldera, but one that was big enough to work and let me see how easy it actually is. Decided to use the in-route HP 133 box as my Caldera station, I’ve found a 200mmx upgrade and I’ll check that out once it arrives. Niki will get the currently unnamed Gateway box, as soon as I can figure out why the mouse isn’t working. I’ll need to unpack a serial mouse to see if it is a com port or whatever. Figure that 98se or maybe 95b would be good for her and will allow some kind of web browsing and bookkeeping. She wants to start a database of her customers. Sunshine will go to Grandma, I’ll just need to upgrade the RAM before I send that to her. She just needs a web box as well.

I have an AMD 233 chip waiting to go into something. I need to find a board to try and maybe I can use that one in BlackX instead of the Cyrix 586/100 I’m experimenting with now. I might say heck with it all and get a PIII to go into BlackX when I finish the case modifications (Report will follow). </geekspeak>

Ok, enough geek speak…. A few months ago, I had to develop a 4 page print ad for a yearly magazine and I wasn’t too happy with the results. Wasn’t a BIG creative ad, just one to spotlight the hospital. A fellow co-worker said that during a chamber meeting, the ad was said to be impressive and a few people were raving about it. Finally saw the magazine and Yes! It looked better than I thought. Not too bad. Time to add my portfolio to the site. Might just add individual PDFs or thumbnails to the page to add to the collection.

Saw the final version of the commercial shot last week. Looks great, and they used all of my copy. The cameraman/segment producer did some great work and used my suggestions for the shots. Radio spots are coming up and I’ve got to work on some copy for those as well as some ideas for some more. I have a new TV spot to film next week and the website needs some work. I’m jumping around from project to project and it’s getting hectic. Damn I love my job.