You like the blue?

August 10, 2000

Been playing around the notion of changing the site, so I did. Blue.

Had a busy day yesterday, I’ve traveled all over town, looked at commercials, talked to companies about “work”, then come back to my office and work late, and finally to Niki’s appt. I am so sick of running. Chamber meetings today and meetings with reps have been taking my day.

Got a free Mandrake 7.1 cd and this might take Caldera’s place on the soon to arrive 133. The serial mouse works on the 200 and I was able to get 95b working, so I will try more memory and 98se today. Then I can commit this machine to Niki ASAP. Niki might also have a page here, and it also looks like my doman will be retired soon. There is some “Stuff” going on with and they don’t seem to have a clue on how to deal with businesses. The dotcom address is looking better and better each day. Looked at a dual monitor video card today and this might be a neat thing to have. Still debating.