It’s a bouncing baby….

August 11, 2000

Got the 133 yesterday and immediately installed a modem and a cd in it. Loaded Mandrake and everything came up fine. Started to use kppp and logged in to the network. I couldn’t see a damn thing. I didn’t have my dns IPs, but I also planned on loading Caldera instead. Caldera has the best install that I’ve tried. This is the install that would make Linux a Windows-killer. Had Lizard set the partitions and chose the Home Computer install and everything works great. Setup kppp and dialed into my soon-to-be former ISP. Netscape works and I was happy that my work site in development came up perfect. Damn prefect to be precise. Javascripts and DHTML worked great under Netscape 4. Checked the stats and noticed that I could run a 200 chip in here. Good news, I do have one, I’ll just gut Niki’s system and use the 133 instead. The system came with a Madge NIC and maybe I can get the home networking thing going soon. For the record the system is a HP Vectra 4 5/133, 64mb ram, S3 video, 1.2gb Drive, 10mb Madge NIC, Teac CD (saved from the trash), Hayes 28.8 modem, Running Caldera OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 download edition. I think I will buy a book on Caldera this weekend.�

It’s early and most likely today will be spent on the phone with those whom I’ve neglected this week, not on purpose, but because I’ve been so swamped, I haven’t been able to call. I have a print ad out today, a revised commercial, and a billboard . On top of that I’ve sent invitations, football schedules, and brochures to the print shops. Today I have already setup an ad campaign for TV and contacted the media about some interviews. I feel like a bad father, I’ve neglected those who need me and my money to survive and have had to step-up and make some decisions that were necessary.

The motto stands firm “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission