August 15, 2000

Yes, I’m tired. Tired of running around right now, readjusting schedules and everything due to my move. I worked late yesterday and as soon as I came home I went straight for the Linux box (Victor) and tried to get dialfree to work. I know it has something to do with the dial up. The current connection works just by adding the DNS servers to the COSM setup for ISP. Something else will need to be added for this….hmmm. I also noticed that their dialup number is the same one for Lycos. Double hmm….. Maybe I can only connect using WinDUN ?�

Started playing around with the notion to upgrade Victor’s video, until I found that I could only upgrade it to 2mb. I can plug a video board into an ISA or PCI slot and it will takeover the video. Might do that. It’s a pretty nice box, good and fast that is excellent for web browsing. I have a Windows95 theme in KDE so it would be easy to move around. Netscape isn’t too bad under Linux, I’m working on getting the Mozilla m17 installed. The drive is a “small” 1.2gb. Who would have thought 6 years ago that we would have 30gb drives for $200? Victor is definitely going to be upgraded with more video, at least an 8mb PCI card. This weekend the drive will be wiped again and Caldera will have a custom install so WINE and some of the little things won’t clutter up my drive.�


I added a new page to the site, diversions. This is really my start page from any browser in the world. I have all of my daily links and such and can just pull those up instead of using bookmarks. I have a portfolio in the works for my webdesign/advertising and I added some information to my resume. This site is just beginning to be built, so please be patient.


Had lunch with my media reps and I actually understand more about Marketing because of it….funny huh? Found a nifty little (and free) program to convert my IE Bookmarks to HTML, Bookmark Wizard. Not a bad little program, I do like it.