If I Only Knew

August 16, 2000

Weird day, extremely weird.�

Had to cancel the commercial on Thursday, and I’m expecting a call about the one airing next week. I have 3 sets of billboards in the works, one is at the shop being prepped, and the contracts for the other 2 are on the CEO’s desk….scratch that, I just got a voicemail saying that the contracts are ready for pick-up. I have an ad for a magazine ready for pick-up and one that is in production for next week. Worked on the company’s website yesterday and I decided that v3 of it will be release on the 1 year anniversary of the site. Right now it is almost a management nightmare to handle the front page of that site. I had to completely re-code it in order to split a cell into 2. FrontPage can do a lot, but when it comes right down to it, you need to know your HTML….and I’m getting rusty.�

Last Night I helped Niki’s sister study for an Economics test, and I realized that Economics is Marketing. I was skimming through the book and I actually could understand most of it. Not bad, the last time I looked at Economics was about 9 years ago. That book was really interesting, I learned about 3 things in the 30 minutes I looked over it and could understand what I was helping her study.�