I’ve been working on budgets

August 17, 2000

I’ve been working on budgets for the upcoming year, been really tied up with this and my direct supervisor, the VP, has resigned. I now report to the CEO. Interesting, very interesting change for me. Sorry, small post today, but I’m way too busy.


Ahh ok, now I can breath, We have a grand opening in about a week and a half and everything around here, since is it budget time, is hectic. The budget really throws us off of our set course, since we are in Planning mode. Now since the boss is gone, we have to now complete and defend our budget. Everyone , who deals with budgets knows what I mean. </p>

I received the final version of the new commercial, looks good, just need approval to send it to the media. It’s set to start running Monday, Radio spots are in production, the newspapers will be happy to see another ad from me, and the corporate website is in the works . I need to get back into geekmode.

I’ve used SETI for a little over a year, I joined the Daynotes Gang yesterday and suggest you do too. It’s a great project. I started out as having the 2nd highest results and now I’m around 4th. I have one machine running fulltime and I have three different versions running on another. Robert Bruce Thompson started the SETI group.