August 23, 2000

Sorry that the posts have been slack, budget/crunch time. The Breast Center opens this weekend and the website is near completion. Brochures are in the works and the graphics are in production. Got a 17″ monitor yesterday, $99 from Computer Geeks picked up some modems for Niki and Mom’s machines. The monitor is a clean HP and it looks great. If this is a Grade “B”, then I have no problems purchasing one. It has held up well. Tiger has a “secret” WindowsME deal for $49. I’m happy with Win2k so I don’t see what WinME would be of any advantage. I’m going to setup another weekly ritual, rebuild Victor. Works great, I just need to figure out what packages I want on the system. I’m going to purchase a small hub this weekend, to network Madcow (Win2k) and Victor. I really want to see how I can share a network connection over a modem to two machines connected via 10bT. I’ve seen it done, I’ve done it on a bigger scale, I just want to do it at home. I need to get this S%^t together before DSL & Cable come into my home…..