Seminars in Black Velvet

August 24, 2000

I was lucky to attend a seminar on fundraising online. Using ecommerce and mailing lists, Non-profit orgs can turn to the internet to raise needed funds. I did pick up some ideas and some notes for a project I’m working on. Plus a good lunch ( that is actually a rarity at seminars).�

There is so much I have to accomplish right now……No time to do it in…..I’ve been thinking about other avenues I might have to explore in order to get my work completed. Outsourcing is one of those ideas I really dislike. I would prefer to do everything in-house, but time isn’t allowing me that option. Too many things are on my plate and lunchtime is over in 5 minutes…or so it feels.�

Went to Barnes & Noble for a good look around last night. Tried to find a good OpenLinux book, but I think I will wait on Tom Syroid’s Caldera book. I’ve used Caldera for about 2 years, but this is the first time I have a dedicated machine to it. I don’t have time to sit down and try to figure out Red Hat, SuSE or the others. Caldera was a fast distro to install. Anyways back to the BN story. I found a few books on Linux networks, that I might just pick up. Found one that talked all about home security for Linux networks. Nice book talked about the 192.x.x.x addresses for inside the house. I’ve used those with about 50 devices as a wireless network, and I like the fact that I can NAT to the internet.�

When I first had to work on the 192.x.x.x network, I was told that these devices “could not touch the internet” . So I’m thinking that if one device were to go online Bad Sh% (or mojo) would happen. It wasn’t until I discovered NAT that I found out that they could browse, but since it was on a wireless 1.2m.bit connection it wasn’t a good idea. I’ve worked with some dedicated Cisco NAT boxes in my time and someday I will own one (when they become obsolete and I have a Pentium 5gz in the size of a Palm V). I now have the ideas on how to do this under Windows. Linux would be an ideal route to take, but I would have for a Linux novice like myself to have an open system to my home systems. With Windows, I know how to lock it down on a network, so nat and dhcp are the only things it will do.�

Before I went to B&N, I had a nice steak……haven’t actually had someone wait on me and Niki for a while, so I thought “Hell, Why Not?”. I almost forgot what going to a restaurant is like. I do like to cook, but I also like to go to a place like Durty Nelly’s and relax and get a Poor Man’s Black Velvet� (Guinness & Cider) and some fried pickles or go to a good Italian restaurant or get a great steak. I try to have a vegetarian once per week. Maybe a lunch or dinner, but a meatless meal. This is normally the salad night or the beans and rice night. I love a good Tofu dog but sometimes you have to have a Ball Park frank.