Well Come On

August 25, 2000

Friday -��8/25/2000 – “”

Today was spent in that wonderful bubble we call useless. Invitations for the opening on Sunday, that were supposed be here on Wednesday, showed up at noon today……printed incorrectly. They got reprints to be by 4pm, but when you need to hand deliver something to directors on a Friday 4pm might as well be 10pm. Discussed another project that is coming up, got the national data for it and started to plan the ads that will need to be ran in the next two weeks.�

I need a vacation….I do plan on taking a few days off with Niki to go visit some good friends in Atlanta. Niki’s brother lives there as well as my best friend and his wife. I’ve decided that I wouldn’t be homesick at all, since most of my good friends live in Atlanta. It would be more of a stretch to commute in instead of driving 5 minutes to work like I do now.

If I was to look for a job, the only option is Atlanta, since the Chattanooga job market is relatively low for web personnel. MCSEs and other certifications are really needed, but web designers aren’t really wanted around here. If I wanted to become a tech again, I would run out and get my A+� or MCSE and I could find a job like that , but more of the web designers I’ve talked to have started to get pushed out by graphic designers from “legitimate” media backgrounds and contracted companies. Designers that have used Quark for years to develop ads are using Dreamweaver and GoLive. More and more people are having to know ASP and Java instead of HTML for web jobs. I actually saw an ad for a web designer that requested 7 years experience. WTF? I see about 5% of the people in this area who have that time on the web, and very few of those will have development experience. jwz’s new design floors me….using a HEX interface? I love it. Now that’s outside the box.