No No No

September 1, 2000

I’ve been really

busy staring at a monitor all week. Many websites need to be changed and this

has been the best time to do it. I never use an overhead light in my office.

I have a corner office in an old Sergeant’s quarters, with two windows and a

ceiling fan. I have a comfortable/cool (73 degrees) working environment. My

desk is in a corner facing a window with the other one to my left shoulder.

With a 19” monitor this is ideal for me. I don’t get eye strain, unless

I don’t take a break every 3 hours. Today is a little different, it’s getting

dark and the hall light is on. I try to work without an overhead light, they

wind up bothering my eyes more than without light. FYI My ViewSonic G790 works

off an A/B box to connect it  to my PC and to the Mac.

Haven’t had time

to play around with the boxes at home, but with the 3 day holiday ahead, I can

spend some time futzing around. Niki’s PC will be complete this weekend. I promise.

She has started to venture out on the web more and she really needs a faster

machine to do what needs to be done.

Nokia is starting

to scare me….check here

I’ve been reading

about the guy who cost Emulex a 62% decline in their stock price. I’m really

surprised that this type of thing isn’t more common. He knew how to send a press

release to his old company and covered his tracks pretty well. Most people don’t

believe they will get caught…they need to watch “Law & Order”

or talk to some detectives. They can tie you to a crime from a damn hair fiber.

They knew this guy was in Las Vegas resort when he emailed his press release. 

The only stock market I play, is the fantasy one on Yahoo. 


I have started researching more about starting a DotCom. The most interesting

place is DotcomFailures . As much

as I would like to have a DC, I think the only way to go is with a brick &

mortar type establishment. I have about 3 ideas that would be great, but the

Venture Capitalist are getting more resistant to new DC investments. Portals

are starting to be old-hat, and the real boom will be in Knowledge management.

Instead of ecommerce, the new buzzword will be kcommerce, the business of selling

knowledge to corporations. Oracle is a company that can only advance. Some of

the smaller companies will be bought out by M$ and with their new .com push,

I am starting to believe this is true. Look for a web job now. Everything is

being developed with databases in min