Rainy Day, 73, and Busy

September 7, 2000

It’s been a busy

little mess around here. Got a new VP, have 2 ads to go into 4 local papers,

started working on a new TV spot, had a billboard go in the wrong spot, and

was cleaning up pages. Damn I’ve been busy. 

No computer stuff

going on. FrontPage has been giving me fits. I love the WYSIWYG design part,

but setting up a table is pure hell right now. The HTML looks good but I know

what 600px looks like and it’s making it more like 730. I’m going to see if

this screws up on another system. Might just do what I want in NetObjects, then

import into Frontpage, and edit from there. Why, you may ask, do I continue

using Frontpage? I’ve used it before Microsoft bought Vermeer out and I’ve used

every beta and release version since Microsoft took over FrontPage. I went between

Fp and Notepad, Hotdog, HoTMetaL, etc. I’ve used a lot of editors. Frontpage

allowed me to see what my page would look like (kinda) while I was editing it.

More like a Word interface than anything. If I wanted to ad something, I can

go to HTML and type it in manually. The GUI is good and pretty much it is my

main ax. 

My main system

for developing pages is NetObjects Fusion, FrontPage 2000, Photoshop. Netobjects

allows me to style out the page how I want them to look. I can import those

into FP and clean up the HTML and tweak the graphics created in NOF in Photoshop.

I can scan and add photos when needed and I will already have the sizes by setting

place markers in NOF. I add javascript in notepad, then import

into FP (because FP screws up scripts if you paste it in directly from a page).

As I get more into ASP development. I hope to just type a marker in a database,

then move that to a live file. 

I’m going to be

out of town tomorrow. Those of you who have my cell #, I will be available.

It’s a big rush to meet deadlines on a 3 day week, but the end result is good.