September 15, 2000

I have 2 LPX boards

in-route and those will become a good way for me to get internet boxes to the

family cheap. The Cyrix 166 will go into one and the other will be a 120. I

have riser boards and almost everything else. I can pump the boards with 16mb

of ram, cheap 15” monitor, 250-420mb drives, and a good…but cheap 28.8

modem, install 95b and they’ll be set. If I knew they wouldn’t want games or

MS Money-type apps, I would install Caldera and be done with it. But, Windows

would be the headache eliminator. Say what you want, but I’ve installed Windows95

a couple hundred times and there are about 3-5 problems that arise and those

are minor. Haven’t had time to work on anything too much. Been too busy to the

point that I want to do something other than work on a PC after a long day. 

This weekend will

be an exercise event. Mow grass, weed eat, walk around the “hood”,

walk to anywhere. Niki’s B-Day is this weekend and the evenings will be packed

with events. Originally I was going to go to Atlanta to a vintage drum bruhaha,

but the time involved would really suck.  


to my former co-worker Augie , who just

got a position with Georgia Tech as a admin.

It’s really a step up and I look forward to having another place in Atlanta

to crash when needed.