September 18, 2000

Way too busy again…..On

top of everything here, I had to deal with KDS

on a monitor return, they’re shipping a replacement out, while my client is

using my small 14′ Packard Bell monitor.

I’ve dealt with

KDS for a few years and have purchased over a hundred monitors from them, and

the death rate is a little high for my blood. I  now stick with a few different

brands instead of KDS. I bought this one from Tiger Direct and was triple-billed.

The worst part was that I was in Florida on vacation and had to call between

my bank and Tiger to settle this problem. Tiger had a problem on their site,

but didn’t inform anyone unless they called. I gave them a home # and my email

and never received a communication from them. I almost had to check out of my

motel because of this. I’ll never purchase anything from them again. I had a

medium sized account with them and they treat everyone like that, from companies

to individuals. so they are blacklisted. 

I buy a lot from

Computer Geeks and have never had a problem

from them in 4 years. When I was in IS, I purchased a lot of Gateway PCs for

the facility. No problems with hardware or delivery. Same with Compaq, purchased

a couple of hundred PCs and a dozen servers and only 2 PCs ever arrived D.O.A.

I think I could upgrade a Compaq Prolinea with my eyes closed. I’ve never messed

around with Dell PCs, but they come recommended by fellow geeks. I’ve brokered

IBM and HP PC for my private clients. They are great machines and the HPs are

cheap but full with good products. IBMs cost a lot, but they last forever. It’s

more like an investment. I have an XT that still boots and runs WordPerfect

5.1 and I’ve used an ancient ThinkPad that rocked. I don’t like new stuff. I

have a PC that is in a 7 year-old case, 4 year old motherboard  and runs

great for my use. Drum-wise I wouldn’t play something younger than I am.