September 22, 2000

I have a little

known interest in Gangsters. Not the “playas” but the old time mafia.

One of the most interesting gangsters were the Krays from England. They were

twins who pretty much ruled London in the 60’s. Great movie called “The

Krays” came out a few years ago. Charlie Kray died a few years ago and

his twin, Ronnie, is [terminally

ill.]( I have more links here{.liinternal}. Las Vegas

of the 50s & 60s was a place of mythic stature and that got me interested

in the whole underworld of the 60s. 

Been working like

a Keebler again, way too much to do. I have a package that FedEX says that they

tried to deliver to me twice. I think this was the 1st time. I getting a bit

sick of FedEX. UPS is far better on their deliveries.