Flames shot out

September 27, 2000

This week has been

a rough week and it does seem to get better. Been working like a madman monk

trying to get some projects finished before October 1. As in typical fashion

the deadline will not be met. Last week was “the week of free lunch”,

this week is “the week of working like a dog”. Worked on some full

page ads, burned those. Working on a notepad design, pressure. Working on a

new design for this page. StudioK is starting to be a bit messy. I have a copy

of this web at Niki’s house and one copy at home on a scheduler. That way I

can update this page late and have it dial when I’m not at home. Neat stuff.

Yes, I am messy, I really need a better work area at home. 

I am going to purchase

either a PDA or a small laptop. I can get a 486 laptop running windows95 and

frontpage with a modem for under $100. I am looking at a Compaq Aero 4/33c.

It’s 8×6 and with outlook installed, why would I want to use a PDA? I can manage

everything through that. I’ve been reading up on these and I do want one. The

floppy-less design worried me, it can take up the only PC Card slot when in

use. I’ve thought about this…If I use a zip drive and a nic/modem combo, I

wouldn’t have to use the floppy unless it was an emergency. If I could find

one with more than 8mb of ram, I will be happy. The Handspring/Cell Phone combo

is looking nice, I might have to ditch my Nokia 5100 series. Too many choices. 

Not too much geek

stuff going on this week, no time to play. I’m going to work on Maggie tonight

if my monitor has returned. I would hate to use the monochrome one.