September 28, 2000

Like the madman

monk I have become, my projects are on schedule….for now. I have business

cards ready, full page ads are burned on CD and ready for pickup, billboards

are in development, and I have a framework of a page for a class I’m developing

for next week. I am working on a webpage for an “e” medical library.

The page template is complete, I’m now working with someone to find some links

for it. Eventually, I’ll have some time to develop a full class on Internet

Medicine for the physicians.

Right now I have

too many projects to sit down and plot out/develop/research a class. I’ve looked

at the Authorware software and I think by using FrontPage with PowerPoint, I

can do something similar. The time involved would be in addition to the 50hrs

I work weekly in office and the hours I put in after-hours doing consulting/brokering/etc

from home. I also have to look at going back to school Real Soon Now. I’ve been

saying that for years, but I really need to get that piece of paper, just to

say I have it. I almost have a mental outline of the next year. Since I work

for a Company who’s year is October 2000-01, My mental map works the same way.

Too many things are going on right now for me to complete that map, and things

that might happen before years end could force me to use a different map. So

is life…….