November 6, 2000

Ahh the day before

election day…at least here in the US of A. I received a nice gift for my effort

putting together the banquet for employees, a nice Peace Lily and Betta Fish.

Nice Red Betta that is sitting on my desk at work. I haven’t decided on a name

yet. If I was a Linux guy I would call him “RedHat”, a Mac guy the

“iFish”, or “Spot” if I was truly twisted. 

I purchased a wonderful

set of O’Reily Perl Books. Actually I got a hell of a deal that even if I wasn’t

interested, I needed to get this set. I got the Unix Perl Set for $14.99. This

is a $150 set of books. I noticed that it was mislabeled Java 2nd edition. Ahhhh

Typos. My new lpx boards are in and ready to be installed. Might cut someone

a great deal on a computer. 

I spent today working

on the graphics for a new intranet site. I finally have it looking like I want

and I didn’t even use NetObjects. Worked on some ideas that I had in the back

of my head for a while, and now that I know a better way to accomplish what

I want. I’ve been reading a lot of color guides. Most of the ones I get, cheaply

I might ad, are from Japan where they base a lot of color schemes on psychology.

I actually thought about that when I planned my Breast Center page out. I wanted

a “friendly” “soothing” color and the different shades of

pinks and dark reds did the job. I tend to like monochromatic schemes….like

this site. I am going to experiment more with designing around color really

soon. I’ve also been reading up on my HTML Bookshelf 2.0 that Reed put together.

It’s a HUGE list of books in HTML format. It feels so good when I can actually

read a few chapters and not be disturbed.