November 8, 2000

Political Ramblings

Oh dear god, New York has proven their selves to be completely crazy. Hillary

Rodham Clinton? Senator? She is as much of a criminal as Bill. I have completely

lost all confidence in the people of New York to make intelligent decisions.

She doesn’t even live there…..she barely lived in Arkansas. But then again,

they knew how to select her name on a $%*&^*&$ ballot. West Palm Springs

wasn’t even able to notice that an arrow pointed to a punch box. Then if they

mis-punched, they punched again and didn’t ask for another ballot. Now they

want to sue saying that the ballot was “unscrupulous” . THEY DIDN’T

ASK FOR ANOTHER BALLOT? Now this is crazy. I’m just glad that Gore didn’t take

the south….and no Florida doesn’t count…except maybe N. FL….That’s Lynyrd

Skynard country. Nader didn’t do as well as I had hoped….and this is from

someone who voted Perot in 92′. Locally, everyone who I wanted to win did…..From

Sheriffs, to County Commissioners to State Reps from Republicans to Democrats

to Independents. I think FoxNews had the best coverage.