at least we have democracy

November 9, 2000

This will be the

last political thing I say this week….at least we have a choice….a vote.

The recount is proof that democracy still works, as long as we don’t recount

until we are happy with the outcome. 

Ok, some computer

stuff. I’ve been working on a new Intranet all week and I actually have some

new technology, for me, to implement. I have some ASP development ideas and

they are very useful. Upload via an ASP page secured with NT permissions. We

are putting our policy manual online and the initial idea is to put all of the

MS-Word files in one directory and have everyone just click on the file. I found

and later rebuilt an ASP script to list all of the files in a directory. So

we can also describe the type of file and the size. Plus this way I don’t have

to turn on directory browsing under IIS.

Only 2-4 people will need to update

the directory, so we will setup a group and then a page that facilitates uploading

to the policy directory. They can upload and then the previous script would

update the listing. Neat huh? This take our Intranet a step further toward Content

Management, a.k.a. lessen the amount of email I get to update pages. All of

the legitimate content mgt programs are way too expensive. I like

NetObjects Collage but it is $20k. Eventually, I want for all of my intranet

pages to have the capability to be updated from a browser instead of front page.

The only time I should use FrontPage is to add/subtract a template or a general

update. This is very do-able and in the past 48 hours I’ve discovered/learned

more about the technology to make this happen