Ahh what a crappy week

November 14, 2000


am off of work, I have a hurt foot an old condition with a tendon that had me

on crutches earlier this week. Today it is just sore and stiff. I have two sets

of painkillers….he he he…one set will numb my foot and it’s great. The other

set will knock me out and make me lethargic all day until about 2 hours before

I need to take it again. Great stuff, it just kills your appetite and your will

to move. I have stopped taking that stuff as of last night. It’s really interesting,

within 30 minutes *poof* I’m out. No matter how much caffeine you have in you. 


watching “Junkyard Wars” and it’s an interesting show. I would prefer

an hour of “Battlebots” but who knows.