Snow, Cold, Wind…in November?

November 19, 2000

It was so odd to

see snow falling early this morning (1am) in N.Georgia where we normally have

50 degree temps as a high with 30’s as our lows. Today the high will be 39.

Didn’t sleep well, but had to get some bills and laundry done. Went to Niki’s

family’s house, put up some wallpaper, left. Went to Toys R’ Us and shopped

and decided that Niki and I will be the aunt and uncle from hell, we will be

the ones who buy the loud toys and the fun ones. Every kid needs a Mr. Potato(e)

Head, and no not Dan Quale.

The website will

take on a different look really soon. I’m in the process of designing a new

page and a better (for me) to update notes page. Cool huh? ASP is beginning

to look good to me. 

I need to go to

bed early so I’ll cut this short.