F^%$&^%$&^ Feet

November 26, 2000

Saturday we went

to this attraction called the “Rock City Blah Blah Christmas Lights”

or something like that. I thought I was all healed up until I started walking.

Running around a bunch of caves and rocks doesn’t do miracles on someone’s weak

feet. Actually my good foot, the one that has been doing all of the work all

week gave out. It is propped up and doped up. I hate taking pills to solve a

ache, but if it gets me back on my feet, literally this time, I’ll do it. 

Worked on an IBM

Aptiva this weekend, I hate these machines. IBM and their way of setting up

the BIOS truly sucks. Modem works, sound card doesn’t, WIN98 doesn’t like the

drives for the video card so I tried the generic ones and they work great.


machine would only see up to a 4gb hard drive. This machine was built in 98

and can only see 4gb of a 13gb drive? please. I used Seagate Disk Manager and

it could see the entire 13gb. IBM wasn’t really planning on upgrading this little

box were they? All of their “Rapid Resume” stuff is trash, I had to

disable tons of setting to get this stuff out of the system.