Ok, so what about…

November 28, 2000

Just kidding on

the ending yesterday, I can’t drink while I’m on medication and doubt I will

when I stop taking it. My feet feel better, I’ve been resting and using a heat

pad for the past few days. I elevate my foot when I sleep and I can tell a difference

when I wake up. I hope to stop my medication today. It takes away my appetite

and make me sick at night. Now all I can do is be careful for the next week

and try to shop as much online as I can. 

I’ve ordered a

new MS Intellimouse for the USB Mac at work. I think it is the new optical eye

one. I killed the YoYo Apple mouse and I need one with scroll capability. Yep,

work is busy right now, we have an event Thursday and then I have a big asp

project due Friday and another project in development. On top of that, I’ve

been re-developing the intranet so it can easily adapt to a content management

program. I have ideas….I know what needs to be done, now I just need to put

those on paper. I wish I was a better programmer. I could whip something up

that is exactly what I needs, but unfortunately I’m still learning and have

to adapt other’s programs to my needs. Actually that’s how I learned HTML, so

maybe I’m heading down the right path. If I had a month, 30 days, with only

one project this would be it. I can get my scripts and pages in place. I would

have something that would be…..well….I don’t know what to call it, but it

would be a good intranet. Then after that I can concentrate on other things.