November 29, 2000

I’m feeling better,

a little stiffness and weakness in my foot, but it’s getting better. Christmas

Tree Lighting on Thursday. Been planning this thing for a while and I also have

my other projects to complete. Rough Rough Rough. 

Been working on

an online portfolio of my work, I just need to get it in a manageable format.

I don’t know if PDF or just the HTML and graphical content would be enough.

I have some content that will have to be scanned as graphics, ads/logos/mailers/etc,

but the majority is HTML. I think I will create links with thumbnails and descriptions.

Maybe that will solve some GUI problems that I have in my head about such a


Bought two bits

of software last night, a Grand Prix game for Niki and Handwriting Font creator

for me. All for under $15 u.s. The font creator has a scan card that you fill

out then place in the scanner. The software scans in the form and transforms

that into an actual TrueType font. I have some sick and interesting ideas for

this. Now where is my scanner…. Niki’s game is based on the 1967 Grand Prix,

you can race each other over LAN, Serial, or the Web.

She would like a setup

similar to mine where the game is on the big screen in her living room. Hmmmm

this might be nice to have running over a wireless but for now we will try out

the system using my box, and then if that works I’ll bring a hub and use her

system so I can race against her. I am thinking of investing into a VGA to TV

converter box instead of the ATI card I have now. I’ve heard reports that the

box represents the computer better on TV than the ATI card. I love my card,

but it’s really limited on reading text, etc.

It’s a week until

my birthday…..I almost forgot….damn I’m getting old. Quick birthday list:

Memory….. 16mb


VGA to TV converter box. 


New Job