Nurse Mike

December 5, 2000

Well, I thought

I was going to install Niki’s new hard drive tonight, but she has the flu so

I became Nurse Mike for the evening. Went to the BiLo and got a 4 pack of Chicken

Noodle soup for her and a can of potato for me. Heated the thing up and made

her eat. It’s neat to see someone get better just from eating a meal. Mixed

her some TheraFLU and went home. 

My uncle left a

Compaq Deskpro at my house to look at. It’s his girlfriend’s machine. From their

description, it was a Windows error. Booted it up, and noticed that it booted

like it was all original. I’ve worked on a few dozen of this model and and over

a hundred of the previous models. It lost it’s Ran out of time

tonight to look at it, so I’ll sneak a peak when I get home Wednesday. These

computers came with Bigfoot drives that notoriously scrambled the hard drive

when the power was cut in Windows or just unplugged. I’m worried that I might

have to shoot this thing before I’m done.

I’m looking at

another hosting company for this site. I like the guys I deal with now, but

I need ASP support. I can get it cheap, but I might have to actually spend more

than I have budgeted. I have some programs that I want to implement on,

but I’m unable simply because they don’t have ASP or POP email outbound. 

I’m also looking

at actually paying for ISP service again. I want to run QNX on a system here,

but Lycos and NetZero

only allow Windows or Macs. I know there are some Linux hacks around on the

net, but I don’t have the time to futz converting those to QNX.. I’ve been on

Bluelight’s free ISP service and actually do like it now. I might have to since

1stup is no more. I can still use Free Lycos, but I know it’s days are numbered.

I have 3 different services at home: Lycos, Bluelight, and NetZero. I used NetZero

for a while and actually liked Lycos better. Netzero, at the time, wouldn’t

let you dock the bar at the top without hiding the address bar in the browser.

Bluelight had a slow interface and Lycos seemed to get out of my way better.

Now I might have to look at Bluelight or NetZero closer.  

Linux anyone? I’m

in the process of downloading PPCLinux for the mac clone. I am in the mood to

try it again, since the home network will be rebuilt soon…or real soon now.

To go back to the earlier topic, if I could I would try to host the site from

my home, but I do not have the connections nor the money for a fat pipe. I would

have no problems with servers, I have Win2k available and I could use the Eudora

email server for the mac clone, leave the MacOS on it instead of PPCLinux,

and I have an old box that would be great as a firewall, _Linux is already

installed_. SO my real cost would only be time, the line and the DSL modem,

cable modem or the fiber connection for the T1 line.  I seriously doubt

that I could use a cable modem, so that leaves the T1 and DSL in my sights.

DSL isn’t in my neighborhood so a T1 is what’s left. Those are too rich for

me, right now. I’m moving in February, so maybe I’ll be near a DSL connection.

Too many things to think about. TMI TMI TMI