December 6, 2000

Talked to someone

in the local cable business and high speed internet access will be available

in both my current neck of the woods (N.GA) and in the E.Brainard area of Chattanooga

before March 2001 (1st Quarter). Actually it was told to me as “January

2001” but we all know better don’t we? So it looks like for a home ISP,

I’ll use cable modems real soon. Time to start experimenting with IP translation

and routing. I’ll also stick to using a hosting service for my domains.

The Compaq Deskpro

was running Windows95. I booted with a disk and noticed that “C” was

visible, so i just reinstalled and everything works. Will send that box back

tonight. The IBM system I’ve been working on will be sent back Friday. The only

thing left to fix is Niki’s machine. I’ll start working on rebuilding my home

network as soon as I can swap my hub out with the new one from work. I wasn’t

using it at home and I needed one at work so I yanked it. Now I need one at

home, so I’ll take it back and get work to purchase a replacement for my office

hub. I’ve purchased a 3Com OfficeConnect for work to replace my NoName Home


Lycos’ Free ISP

is no longer working for Niki. I’m going to test it here at home, and if it

is indeed dead, Bluelight will be the new dialup ISP for me and Niki. 

Put the Christmas

tree up last night…Noticed that all of the screws for Mom’s tree stand were

missing, went to Wal-Mart to purchase a new stand,  Dined on Krystals ,

opened the tree box, fought with the tree stand, cussed previous mentioned stand,

put the damn thing together and propped it against the wall. Sat down and ate

some of the wonderful pound cake that Niki’s mom made (from scratch mind you)

as a birthday present. 

I always try to

buy myself a birthday present each year, this year I found a good deal at

on a Sony CD-R. Normally $180-something, got it for $158, cashed in a $30

coupon, then I get another $30 mail in from Sony, on top of that I got free

shipping. The total will be $96 for a new Sony CD-RW with 6 CD-RW disks. I plan

on using Nero instead of the Sony Xtreme software. I have a USB Sony Spressa

here and it works great under Nero. Will install into MadCow and make some backups

of what I really need to archive on that box, then completely rebuild it. Might

pop some more memory in it and remove the 1.6gb drive to install somewhere else,

into Maggie maybe.

Oh on top

of everything else, I might be moving offices. We have a huge house currently,

but we might move to another house where we wouldn’t be as spread out. My only

stipulation is that I want windows! Since everyone has left, my seniority has

risen so I know what I want 🙂 . I like my office and I really would hate to

leave it but the management has spoken….nothing definite though.