Not Enough Time

December 10, 2000

The title says

it all…I don’t have enough time to do anything. I’m going out of town the

16th-19th so my big shopping day was Saturday. Well, I went Saturday and didn’t

find a damn thing. Then today, I go up late, did laundry, did some work around

the house, then went to Niki’s work Christmas party. I did ship my friend’s

IBM back and I finished up the Compaq. I installed a new drive and loaded Win2K

back on Niki’s machine. When my CD-R comes in, I’ve decided to install it, archive

all of my data, then completely rebuild that box and transfer some of the cards

to Maggie the 233 that will be alive real soon now. I need to get another 17”

monitor before I move out. MadCow will no longer be the TV machine. My eyes

are going bad looking at it, so I need to have a good size monitor for my desk.

Maggie will be the new test cow.

Why do I have 72

items in my “Bulk Mail” folder for hotmail? They must not be keeping

a good filter on their end. Pretty much all of the SPAM is going to my

address. I have a clean bellsouth address, but they discontinued their free

service earlier this Fall. My NSI account is good, but I need a new underground

address. A back door address I can use without SPAM. I was doing a lot of block

senders in Hotmail. Well I finally came to my 250 address limit last week. Time

to shift accounts.