December 12, 2000

Too many of my

friends are getting new jobs. Reed is getting another job at Georgia Tech, Augie just started there a few months ago, another friend is working with my former VP at a competing hospital and so is another good friend. Andy is working at BCBS of Tennessee. I’m still here……working at the same place

for 6 and a half years. The job market in this area has improved this quarter.

We are in a false economy right now, so I’m a little hesitant to move. There

is a RN shortage so nurses can almost name their own price. Tech workers are

in demand, but the DOT Com bust of 2000 might kill that. With Dubya

as the new president we will have as bouncy of an economy as we had in the 80s

and he will take the heat even thought this started a few years before he was

in office.