Ok I’m back

December 20, 2000

Damn this weather.

I left Chattanooga for Atlanta on Saturday with rainy and windy conditions.

Finally got to my friend’s house and had a great meal with Steaks and a nice

red wine. Stayed up and watched “The Man Show” and some strange TV

around the world thing on HBO. Guy things… Niki and I woke up and just thought

it was raining. Well….it was snowing and it left the roads bad. We had a 3

hour drive ahead of us and we were hoping the roads would be decent. I-75 was

icy until Macon. We stopped for breakfast not long after we started to drive,

and that little 30 minute break burned off a lot of ice. Once I got on I-16,

I did 80 until we hit Statesboro. Watch Andy graduate with a double major. Nice

ceremony. Said our goodbyes and Niki and I left for Savannah. Nice hotel ,

with a nice view of the town. It was about 70 on Saturday and 40 by the time

we got there on Sunday. I’m still trying to remember everything.

Computer stuff.

Why do I have 51 messages in my hotmail bulk box? Dear God, I’m so sick of junk

mail. I’m going to scrub MadCow down to bare metal and rebuild from there. A

few cards will be pulled and a few will be loaded. My Intel NIC will be loaded

and the possibility of removing the 1.6gb drive is high. I have the CD-R installed

and the 1.6 was mainly used as a storage drive. All of my drivers and test web

pages were stored there. All of my other archives are on ZIP disk. I’m going

to burn everything on that 1.6gb drive to a CD-R. It was never filled to capacity

so everything should fit on a disk. I’m also going to move everything from ZIP

disk to CD-R saved as an ISO file. That way I can be sure to have that archive.

Once all of that is done, the 1.6gb drive is removed, the NIC  will be

installed and I’m going to wipe everything on the 5.1gb drive. I’m planning

on formatting it as one partition. 

I have a copy of

FreeBSD and it is a multiboot version so my PPC and a 233AMD could run the same

OS. I’m going to start a small project with FreeBSD, and hopefully I can say

more about it later.