January 7, 2001

Check posts from

last week…..update system wasn’t updating like it should have.

Man I am so sick

of not eating……Dr’s appt tomorrow, have to fast after 9pm and needed to

control my sugar today. I’ve been successful, but I’ve had to eat very little.

A rice cake and a glass of water in the morning, fruit in the afternoon, and

a Weight Watcher’s meal for Dinner. My sugar didn’t go over 216 today and it

was 190 at dinner. Actually I “overindulged” on dinner…I had a whole

5 crackers and a kosher pickle. But dammit it just cost me 70 calories. I actually

feel better today, energy still down, but this is the beginning. For some reason,

I’m craving spicy food. The Weight Watcher’s meal was spicy and was very satisfying,

but then again I do like rice cakes. 

No computer stuff

for a while. Not until I can sort this out.