Going and Going and Going

January 8, 2001

Feeling better

today, I actually had a clear head when going into work. Blood Sugar was 128

this morning and didn’t get higher than 190 all day. Registered for a diabetes

management class and talked to the diabetes nurse, she setup a one-to-one meeting

for this week. I do feel a lot better, now if I could just get my sugar down

to 100 I’ll be happy. It’s actually nice being able to sleep for 8 hours. I’ve

had to get up as many as 4 times per night for the past month. Ate a little

bit more than I did on Sunday. The biggest thing to get use to is the portion

size. You know, a small bowl of chili really does fill me up, and I don’t need

to eat as much as I have been. I do have to “sneak” some little things.

For some reason crackers have been in my diet. I guess it’s that crunch that

I need with my meal.

I’ve been playing

catch-up at work. Being sick and with the holidays, I haven’t been able to get

anything done. Plus, I have more energy now than I’ve had in a while. Returning

phone calls, working on sites, planning……..I’m feeling better. My office

is a wreck, and I need to get organized for when my new director starts. A lot

of my files will be his/her’s and I’ll need to go over everything.

Still no computer

stuff….I have a NetBSD CD at home and I’m itching to try QNX on a newer system.