January 11, 2001

I don’t feel so

good today, my thyroid is bothering me and I’m kinda dragging. Went to the doc

and everything looks good, blood sugars are way down. Had my 1st sip

of caffeine since Friday. Had about 4oz of Diet Coke. I been having daily headaches,

easily resolved with Advil, but today this one needed caffeine. I know about

withdraws, hell I even did a paper on them in college, but I needed to have

a drink. I’ve cut back on my water simply because I’ve drank more than my share

in the last month, but I’m going to go back and drink 8 glasses a day. When

I was having my symptoms, I was up to about 20+ glasses of liquid per day. 

I’m planning on

doing some work to this site this weekend, so it might not be available for

a few hours on Saturday. I’m going to update the look a little bit…mainly

to look like the start page and use the color coding I’ve been planning on.

I’m going to implement some content management to this site, so I can update

via a text editor from anywhere. So, if I want to update this page on a Palm

Pilot, I can.