Out of Town

January 14, 2001

I worked all weekend on this redesign and I like the simplicity of it. This is

all part of an experiment in design that I’ve been studying. The only problems

that might happen is with the menus. They are DHTML based and could cause some

problems. What is ironic, is that this site looks flawless under Mozilla but

with IE5, some pages have gaps in the menus. All of the graphics were done in

Adobe Photoshop 5 and the layout was in FrontPage 2000 and Notepad. I have another

site template that I’m developing but that’s another project entirely. I had

to withdraw from a project due to health, and I’m planning on taking a few more

clients in the spring, after my diabetes classes and related items subside. 

I’m going to Atlanta

today to visit Niki’s brother and future sister-in-law.