Middle of Nowhere

January 16, 2001


would like to start this note by giving my best wishes to the family of [Tom

Syroid](http://www.syroidmanor.com/), author, computer geek and someone whom I’ve enjoyed reading for

the past few months. His son Landon was injured and will be recouping for the

new few months. A care package is on its way Tom. 

Today, I got to

tour South Walker and North Chattooga counties in Northwest Georgia. You might

ask me, “Why?”. Well…..to look for new locations for billboards.

I found 4 healthy spots for my new boards and they should be on Highway 27 real

soon now (rsn) . I sent my designs off and should have everything up before

Valentine’s Day. It was actually really a nice tour of the area and was good

to get out of the office. 

I also had a groundbreaking

of a new facility, nice to be in the freezing cold to take photos. We are building

a new Family Practice Center to take the place of our current group of modular

housing in Chickamauga. Had a really good turnout.

Diabetes Update

: Blood Sugar hasn’t been higher than 126 since Sunday. I skipped my class tonight,

I decided to do some walking and to sit down and read a little bit. My sugar

has been lower since I started walking 30 minutes a day. It was freezing….actually

it was f-ing cold outside and this redheaded  idiot  (me) walked around

a cold neighborhood. Tonight I had a vegetarian meal of vegetarian corn dogs

and low fat potato chips. If the corn dogs were a little moister, they could

be confused for the real thing.