White Room/Black Curtains

January 18, 2001


that is a play on a Cream song. I’ve had a few meetings today, some heated some

not. I’ve posted a few pics online, I was playing around with a co-worker’s

Intel Cam. I really like these little USB jobs, good cost and they take really

good pictures.


been  calling around trying to find a graphic designer…..I simply do

not have the time to design a billboard right now. I have a ton of billboards

going up and there is some internal strife toward the design and whom will control

that design. Petty little arguments. 


installed QNX on MadCow, I hadn’t formatted the 1.6gb drive until the other

night. Thought I might just add that on it and use another modem under QNX.

I need to sleep tonight (It’s 1145) so it will be this weekend before I play

more with it. 


friend of mine is sending me a laptop…..P90, CDROM, 1.2gb drive, sound.