January 23, 2001

Yes I changed the

look again….well actually I only changed colors. The distorted TV snow background

had to go….for another distorted background. I decided to use a monochromatic

scheme, well except for the yellow on this page and the orange in the menu bar.

I like to use black on pages because it looks sleeker than white or light color

pages. Hell, I did have a red page at one point…..I almost made the background

of this one a burnt orange/rust color{.liinternal}.

That link goes to a background that was created by taking a pic of my carpet

at home and then inverting it. Cool Huh?

Well, my connection

at work is still down. This sucks! The problem wasn’t what I originally said,

I correct the text above. We’re the only ones at the facility with a problem.

It’s a problem with the card not the one’s working on it.

Installed NetZero

on BOB and couldn’t get it to connect. I’ll try to install the new modem/ether

card to see if it will work. Maybe the problem is on their end for once. Actually

it would login then give an error about connecting to the server. I’m going

to add FrontPage to the machine and maybe I can get it complete before this


I have a meeting

with the consultants off site, a meeting with my billboard rep, a meeting about

a website, then I have a Drs appt. Wednesday is shot and it’s still Tuesday.

I haven’t received any email since Friday and I’m tired. Later, Mike