I’ll Take Door Number 2, Alex

January 25, 2001

I went to tour

a townhouse today…….small damned place. I did not like it and I caught them

changing the deals that they gave me over the phone. The “tour guide”

took me through the laundry area and this little old lady asked her “When

would they get the rest of the dryers fixed”….he he I love that one.

So in my thought process I had the following questions : 

  1. If they changed
their deal from one day to the next, what else would they change at the spur
of the moment?   2. If they had
broke machines for a while (as understood from the conversation with granny
and the tour guide), what else would they neglect?   3. Is a place this
small actually 1300sqft? (I have serious doubts, see below)

I took the application

and told them I would let them know tomorrow. As I drove up Hwy153 back to Chattanooga,

I also decided to check out another complex that I had liked previously. Made

a quick lane change and went to the rental office. AS I started to talk to the

rental agent, she had to get up and finish a meeting and another person took

over. The woman, took my name and address and said she played softball on Fort

O. As we started talking, I found out she went to school with Niki and her brother,

Neil. She was really excited and showed me a 2 bedroom place. It will be apt.

  1. I am going to put a deposit on it tomorrow and will plan to start moving

in on Feb. 1st, but the real moving day will be February 3rd (for those interested,

ha ha). The serious doubts on the townhouse’s size was that the place that I’m

moving into is only 1000sqft. It looked bigger and had more head room. The bedrooms

were bigger and nicer. If my credit goes through, this will be a great place

to live. I’ve decided to wait on cable and phones (cell phone baby!) until after

I move in….if a cable modem is available in this area, I will not get an analog

line. I’ve debated it, but if I can plug in to an Ethernet connection, I can

use any of my systems at home. Even my laptop from work if necessary. 

Today was my last

day housesitting….It was fun and was like a mini-vacation. I didn’t get as

much accomplished as I would have liked, but this was a strange week. I looked

at washing machines and I found one I like for $250 at Lowe’s. Maybe if my credit

goes through, this will be ok.

I sat down with

my writer today and my physician recruitment site will be online in the next

3 weeks. We might have to add things later, but this will be something that

will turn heads. More later….