/me get a life

January 29, 2001

Nothing much going

on, still working on the recruitment website. Today was filled with meetings:

meetings about billboards, billboard designs, and phone meetings about…..well..er…other

things. Still haven’t found out about the apartment. I’m going to call tomorrow

to see if the credit went through. I have a Diabetes Advisory Council meeting

early tomorrow and another later in the a.m.. Tomorrow will be a work day. If

my writer doesn’t get the text for the site together, I’m going to work on some

more sign messages for our Family Practice Centers. 

I haven’t been

on IRC EFNet for about 4 years. I got sick of people in the #atlanta room getting

pissed because of the OPS in the room or because someone didn’t like the fact

that the channel’s weekly events took place in Cobb County… because they (cobb)

were against their sexual orientation. It became so petty and I began to realize

that to some of these people, this was their life. They blew up about little

things. They had their bots programmed to ban people for stupid shit. Then one

day I have an epiphany……I have a life and most of these *&%$ didn’t.

That’s not a general statement, I met some good people on IRC who used it merely

as entertainment, not as their social life. I guess IRC could be compared to

the Party Lines they had in the 60’s and 70’s.  AOL’s chat is what built

it. When I was a newbie, I was on AOL, the chat was a cool thing, but it was

wrecked by too many younger ppl trying to get girls. I got tired of seeing,

“Age/Sex Check” or “Any Hot Women want to IM.” That too

got old. I say all of this because, I tried IRC again last night and it wasn’t

like it was in the mid-90’s. No one talked, they were in IM land or they were

just a bot securing the channel for their owner while they were away. It got

lame after a while. I did like ICQ and I will try that and IM soon.